University of Johannesburg UJ Online Application

Known by locals and tourists alike as the “City of Gold,” Johannesburg is home to one of South Africa’s most prized higher education institutions that carries its name, the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Placing a high value on diversity and inclusion, UJ strives to create an environment that emphasizes providing platforms for cultural expression and meaningful engagement.

Dedicated to student success, the University of Johannesburg was founded in 2005 with the vision of implementing four core values undermining imagination, conversation, regeneration, and ethical foundation. With this vision in mind, UJ presents eight different faculties in Business and Economics, Health Sciences, Humanities, Education, Law, Engineering, Science, as well as Art, Design and Architecture. These courses are expertly designed to provide you with inclusive education that is sure to make all of your academic dreams come true.

Suppose the idea of learning collectively in a community of diverse and empowering people sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of. In that case, this article will hash out the guidelines and requirements necessary for applying to UJ.

How to Apply

For those looking to apply to UJ for the 2024 academic year, you may be pleased to hear that applications open on the first of April each year. You must apply one year before your actual attendance at the university, which means you will need to apply this year to attend 2024. The closing date, however, may be subject to change. Therefore, make sure that you submit your application as early as possible.

Applications for the 2024 academic year can be made both online and by hardcopy. If you choose to pursue a hardcopy application, keep in mind that you will be expected to pay a fee of R200. Online applicants are exempted from paying this fee.

Hardcopy applicants will be asked to download the application form from the university’s website. The 2021 application form can be found on this page. You may then print the completed application form off and mail it to the address below:


PO Box 524

Auckland Park


South Africa

To apply online, visit the university’s website and follow the link to the Online Application Portal. Here, you will complete the digital application form and send it in. Come prepared with a working email address. If you happen to encounter any difficulties while applying online, you are asked to send an email to


Before you complete your application to UJ, you must submit certain documents along with it as well. The type of documents can vary whether you are a South African citizen or an international student; therefore it is important to study up which documents you require specifically to ensure that you have everything ready when the time comes to submiting your application.

Applicants for undergraduate study are highly encouraged to consult the 2024 Undergraduate Prospectus to study up on minimum entrance requirements. On the other hand, postgraduates are asked to consult the Postgraduate Brochure for their desired faculty to see whether they qualify.

According to the university’s website, international students must submit the following along with their application:

● Form M30 (this form can be downloaded on the Matriculation Board website

● Correctly certified copies of the applicant’s educational qualifications certified by a South African High Commission, Consulate, Trade Mission or a Public Notary in your home country

● A correctly certified copy of your passport or birth certificate certified by a South African High Commission, Consulate, Trade Mission or a Public Notary in your home country

● If any documents are issued in any language other than English, an English translation must be made and submitted.

● Exemption fee as determined by the Matriculation Board (see website

● Proof of payment for the Exemption fee of R562

As for students who wish to apply for a degree, all applicants must have achieved a South

African Senior Certificate. Otherwise, international students who have completed their high school studies outside South Africa must obtain a certificate of exemption from the Matriculation Board of South Africa, submitted along with the following documents to the Matriculation Board to be considered for degree study at UJ:

● Final school results

● Valid Passport or Identity Document or Birth Certificate

● If any documents are issued in any language other than English, an English translation must be made and submitted

● Proof of a non-refundable application fee of R200.00

● Proof of English Proficiency (preferably by taking the IELTS and achieving an overall score of 6, and TOEFL with an average score of 80-104. Other options are available and are explained more in-depth on this website)

● For those requiring on-campus accommodation, a residence application form (completed at the same time you apply to study at UJ)

Moreover, it is important to note that failure to submit all examination results from Grade 11 to September of Grade 12 may result in delays in your application process. If the case is that you only submitted your Grade 11 results because you applied to UJ early in Grade 12, then you may keep sending the university your results as the year progresses to ensure you have all of them ready at the time of finals.

Once you have collected all of the above documents and have submitted your application, you are free to monitor your application’s status to see whether or not you have been accepted after the waiting period. You can do this online through the university’s application status portal.

To find out if you are eligible to apply to UJ, consider using the APS calculator that will tell you whether or not you meet all of the requirements necessary to be accepted.


After completing your application process and receiving your letter of acceptance, you are finally ready to register for classes with UJ. It is important to note that registration dates are different for returning/continuing students, postgraduates, and first-year undergraduates. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to see which registration date applies to you.

The deadlines for all registrations in 2021 have since passed in early to mid-March; therefore, those still in need of registration will likely have to contact their designated faculty to find out if late registration can be made.

For more information about registration, such as contact information and registration information letters, visit this website to learn more.

Finding an inclusive university that understands the need for diversity and prioritizes student engagement alongside success can be tough, but the University of Johannesburg fits all of that criteria with a passionate flair. If you would like to apply to UJ in the upcoming academic year, be sure to submit your application with the required documents as soon as possible. Overall, stay tuned for updates and news regarding the university’s application and registration process to keep a lookout for when the application closes.

For further concerns and inquiries surrounding application, requirements, or registration, call +27

(0) 11 559 4555 or kindly send an email to