Nelson Mandela University (NMU) Online Application

Nelson Mandela University Online Application and Requirements

Nelson Mandela University, located in Gqeberha, South Africa, provides excellent guidance to prepare you for whichever career path you select. Applying to university can be a stressful experience. With so many requirements that vary between universities, it can feel overwhelming during the application process. Nelson Mandela University provides clear expectations and guides you as you begin your transition into higher education. 

How to Apply

The application to apply as an undergraduate, postgraduate, or international student can be found on the university admissions page. The application can be completed online for your convenience. To begin the application, make sure you have a secure internet connection and save your progress along the way. For the 2024-23 academic year, the application will open on 6 April 2021

For any more extended responses on the application, it may be best to complete the application in a separate document to avoid losing your progress. 

Additionally, there is a feature that will allow you to track your application’s progress, which can be helpful during the period after submitting, mainly to ensure that you submitted it correctly. 

You will be notified regarding your application’s final status by either logging into the website or via text message. Ensure you have both the correct login information and that your contact information is updated and accurate in the system. 

If you are accepted to the university, you will receive further information on registration by the end of the year (November or December). 

Although you’ve been accepted, ensure that you maintain your grades and general conduct, as your admission status is contingent upon you meeting the academic and behaviour requirements. 


In addition to the application, many requirements are necessary before the university can process your application. You will need the following submitted with your online application: 

● An official copy of your Grade 11 exam results, or

● An official copy of your Grade 12 exam results (June/September only), or 

● An official copy of your matriculation certificate if you have passed Grade 12 or finished your school year

● Official copies of the diploma or certificates in addition to your academic records and certificates in the case that you studied at a different school 

● Official identification (either ID or birth certificate) 

● Official identification of your parent, legal guardian, or surety 

● If you are a dependent, you will need a declaration by your parent/legal guardian/surety

Application Dates

Application dates for the university vary from year-to-year, but for the 2024 academic year, they are as follows: 

Online Applications

● MBChB applications: 31 May 2021 

● Early applications: 5 August 2021

● Late applications: 30 September 2021

On-Campus Accommodation

● Applications for on-campus accommodation begin: 06 April 2021

● Applications for on-campus accommodation close: 30 September 2021

International Applicants 

● International student applications: 30 September 2021 (with additional application fee).


Congratulations! Once you’re admitted to Nelson Mandela University, you must follow the steps to register. You should receive further details regarding registration by November/December. If you do not receive that information, reach out and ask. 

You will be required to pay any fees that may be due shortly after acceptance. Don’t forget to pay attention to any important dates to stay on track and set yourself up for success at the university. Put all relevant dates into your calendar immediately after receiving information. 

One of the dates you’ll need to pay attention to is the deadline for registering for classes. You’ll have the option to select courses in your selected subject. Once you’re registered for lectures, make sure you know when they begin. Good luck and enjoy your time as a student at Nelson Mandela University!