University of Pretoria (UP) Online Application

In the first section, there is a dropbox on the application details next to the career of study. 

The University of Pretoria is one of the top universities in Africa and consists of over 1300 programs. The applicant should adhere to the helpful information that is provided below. For example, the links that are of assistance during the process of the online application. After filling the application form, the applicant will access the UP Portal to track his/ her admission status. And lastly, complete the online student contract.

Before registration, you must go through three phases and find the phases in the below heading “How to apply”. The application screen offers an opportunity for applicants to see what they qualify to study at UP. 

The idea helps the applicants see the minimum requirements for what they want to study and choose what program suits them best. This can be accessed by clicking what to study on the application screen to see the programs you qualify for. The applicants must ensure that the copies of the documents provided are clear and legible, and there is no need to certify the documents for the application.

Applicants should take note of the crucial information below

  • The applicant must know the closing dates for each program 
  • Do not leave the application until the last minute
  • Ensure that you have access to your email before you begin the application process
  • Make sure that the required documents are available to you
  • The document should be pdf files and should be scanned separately
  • Label the documents correctly and should not have special characters in the file names
  • Ensure that the files are not password-protected to avoid disappointments

Requirements: Below is the list of documents needed for the application

  • South African National identity document or Passport
  • Final school results, for example, Gr11 or Gr12 or the equivalents qualification from non-South African examination authorities.

Payment process step

  • Proof of payment of the application fee (only if you are not using the online credit card payment option. During the payment step, you will receive the amount payable and the banking details to make your payment. Subsequently, you can download the proof of payment as a PDF document. Proof of family income in cases you cannot afford to pay the application fee.

How to apply (Online and Offline if available)

For applications visit

  • The steps on the left are for applicants that do not have their application ID as yet. The first phase is the online application. 
  • Enter the characters on the screen into the security code field, then click on the create application ID button. 
  • On the next page, you will find a disclaimer. After reading it, you can start filling the application. In the first section of application details, click the drop-down arrow next to the career of study. Now you need to select the undergrad option, next choose the year to start your studies. If you are a first-time applicant at the university, you do not have a student number:
  • Next, enter your name.
  • Date of birth and 
  • Email address. 
  • The last section is for your identity number. Enter your identification details. 
  • Click on the ok button after completing that section, and the processing icon will show on the top right corner of the screen. Confirm your application details on the next page. Read the page carefully before you continue to verify your information because if there is any error you have made, you will not be able to correct it.
  • Make sure that the admission term that you select is the correct one, 2021. Also, choose the study plan correctly, undergraduate or postgraduate. Should you fail to select the right option, it will result in study programs not showing in the respective section fields. 
  • Click on the continue button once you are confident that everything is correct. The system will tell you that an email has successfully been sent to the email address you entered. 
  • Go to your email inbox to check the email from the University of Pretoria. Write down your application ID beginning with the letter t. 
  • Click on the link after copying the temporary ID to take you back to the page where you started.
  • On the left-hand side, click on the authenticate my application ID link, enter your email address application ID, paste your temporary password, and click on the ok button. You need to create your own password and remember it if you wish to save your application and continue editing later. 
  • On the next page, you will find the application summary section. This is the starting page of your official application form.
  • Click on the edit button to open the form. On the right-hand side of the form, you will find 14 steps to complete. 
  • After each page has been completed, click on the Save button and then on the next button.
  • To complete step one, click on the blue link on the page column, and enter your personal information. After finishing, click on the save and then on the next button or click on the page link. This will take you to step two, which is your contact details.
  • Go through all the steps and save at regular intervals. 
  • Once you get to step nine, you must select your study choices. You have the opportunity to narrow down to only two programs that suit your skills, interests and talent. 

Please note that spaces are limited, and applications for programs automatically close once they are full. Make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for both study programs.

  • After selecting your study programs, you can save and click on the next button to proceed to step ten, the documentation page.
  • Please be reminded that only PDF documents that are named correctly are to be uploaded.
  • Verify your application, and if there are any errors, go to the section where the errors appear and correct them subsequently. You can verify again. If you do not have an ID, you may upload your birth certificate under the mandatory ID field. If you find it difficult to upload your documents, ensure that the documents are in PDF format and there are no special characters used when you label the document. The app is available to convert your documents to PDF format. 
  • If you are upgrading grade twelve, state that you are upgrading your grade twelve at the demographic detail steps in order to be considered for the study program of your choice. Indicate that you are repeating grade twelve under the exemption type on the secondary education step

For any difficulties that you might experience, call the student service centre at

Tel: +27(0) 12 420 3111


  • Step thirteen is for application payment. Proceed to step thirteen if there are no errors.
  • Select the method of payment and continue to the final step. When you are making a payment with the credit card, remember to click return to ensure you can click on the last apply button to submit your application successfully.
  • Step thirteen indicates that the payment was successful, and the application has validated at step fourteen. Your application now will be processed by the university. On the summary page, you can see your application’s status and have the option to view your application.

What to expect?

  • You will receive an official UP student number via email that can take up to fourteen days to be generated during the peak periods.
  • The student number does not imply that your application admission to study at UP has been successful. However, you will require the student number for all future interactions and communication with UP. Your student number will only be active after forty-eight hours of receipt. Applicants should track their admission status on the UP portal.

Please note that you can only fill in the online student contract if your application was successful.

The university encourages applicants to visit the UP website for regular updates. Applications for 2021 undergraduates are closed, and applications for 2024 are opening on 1 May 2021

 • Registration

Due to the COVID-19 regulations, the 2021 academic year registrations are entirely online for UP students. For current and postgraduate students, the online registration opened on 4 January 2021. The new 2021 first-year students can register from 1 March 2021 online or as soon as possible after final admission is completed based on school living results. The UP university has set up a registration call centre available through telephone and email assistance from 5 January 2021 until 31 March 2021.

Contact details are below:

  • Online chat: (use your login details to get access)
  • Phone: +27 (0) 12 420 5347

Important information for applicants:

  • Applicants must ensure that they pay their initial registration fee, and an online enrolment contract should be printed, signed and submitted to UP. 

The requirement for students who are not South African citizens

Students must email proof of medical aid and study permit before registration. Applicants can use the email address: