University of Zululand (UNIZULU) Application

Are you looking for a way to better your future, but you don’t know where to start? That is where the University of Zululand comes in. The University of Zululand, also known as Unizulu, has over 252 accredited degrees, diplomas, and certification courses. It is located within the Umhlathuze Municipality and is the only university north of the Uthukela River.

Originated in 1960, Unizulu has been offering students an exceptional education. Since then, the university has grown significantly and offers various programs, including commerce, administration and law, education and arts, and science and agriculture. Over 15,000 students have taken advantage of Unizulu’s vast array of academics, which has challenged them, yet prepared them for the competitive workforce.
Students not only have access to academics, but they can also partake in athletics, religious, and social societies on campus. Unizulu is proud to provide its students with tertiary education and offers accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Zululand only strives to provide its students with the best possible experience. They prepare their students to succeed with state-of-the-art computer labs, libraries, and sports and recreational facilities.

Unizulu expanded their reach from their first campus, the KwaDlangezwa Campus, when they developed their second campus in 2009, The Richard’s Bay Campus. Both campuses have something unique to offer in their own right. The KwaDlangezwa Campus is where students can find the departments for academic support and four significant faculties. The Richard’s Bay Campus is a testament to Unizulu’s expansion, and students can find the following courses offered, public relations, transport management, and hospitality management. Unizulu has a diverse selection of degrees, but some of the more popular courses students gravitate to would-be nursing, biochemistry, microbiology, sports education, and law.

Academics is not the only service offered by the university, but they strive to enhance the community. Unizulu has celebrated over 35 years since the opening of their well-known Science Centre, which has piqued the interest in science for new and returning students. They continue to be innovative and always looking to add more additions to their campuses that only benefit their students and community. In 2017, Unizulu added an Early Childhood Development Museum, which was a first for Africa.
The University of Zululand has many amenities to offer potential students, and applying does not have to be a daunting task. As discussed, each campus has different courses that they offer, so applicants are highly encouraged to reach out to admissions officers, who will correctly guide them in their application process. It is essential to know what you will be studying at the University of Zululand because that will determine which campus you will be applying to. The KwaDlangezwa Campus offers degree programs, whereas The Richard’s Bay Campus offers certificate or diploma academic programs.

How to Apply

Potential undergraduate students can apply directly online, following the link, or download and print out the application and bring it to one of the available admissions officers to help guide them in the admissions process.

Within the application process, there are essential documents that need to be submitted. These documents are as follows, identity document, diploma or degree certificate (if available), an academic record with conduct in respect of studies at another tertiary institution, matric results or certification, and proof of payment of the non-refundable application fee. Additional documents need to be provided for international students, which can be found on the application itself.

Throughout the application, a potential student will find minimum requirements to apply to Uinzulu, so it is encouraged to review what those are and take the following steps to achieve them or move on with the application process. Some degree programs’ admissions requirements include but are not limited to a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution as certified by Umalusi. That coupled with an achievement rating of 4 (Adequate Achievement, 50-59%) or better in four subjects chosen from the following recognized 20-credit NSC subjects (there is a sub list of these subjects available on the application).

Requirements for diploma programs are as follows: the minimum admission requirement is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution as certified by Umalusi. That coupled with an achievement rating of 3 (Moderate Achievement, 40- 49%) or better in four recognized NSC 20-credit subjects. Also, applicants must have an achievement rating of 3 (40%) in Life Orientation; and an achievement rating of 3 (40%) in English as First Additional Language (FAL), or 4 (50%) in English as Home Language.
Suppose an applicant would like to apply for a higher certificate.

In that case, the requirements are as follows: the minimum admission requirement is a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of level 2 (30% or higher) in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution. One home language as certified by the Council for General and Further Education and Training (Umalusi). Also, applicants must have four recognized NSC 20 credit subjects. Institutional and program needs may require appropriate combinations of recognized NSC subjects and levels of achievement. For example, an institution may determine that a Higher Certificate in Marketing requires, in addition to the NSC, a specified level of attainment in English and an associated recognized subject.

In addition to filling out the application, the applicant must pay a one-time fee available to view online at Once an applicant has applied, they must go to the website and click the link ‘My Application’ which will take them to view and submit the application fee. The application deadlines differ depending on the specific course an applicant chooses. Social work’s application date is August 30, Nursing science is September 30, and all other programs are due no later than October 31. Once accepted to Unizulu, a new student must register online at and follow the steps provided.

You now have all of the tools and information provided to start your next step into an exciting and new career! Joining the University of Zululand means that you also join their mission to provide globally competitive graduates relevant to our country’s human capital needs by providing quality education that upholds high standards of research and academic excellence.

You will be joining a community with upstanding values that consist of innovation, teamwork, efficiency, accountability, and mutual trust. These values are continually upheld through faculty, staff, and students, so why not join them?