University of Free State (UFS) Online Application

Founded in 1904, the University of the Free State (UFS) has grown from being the tertiary extension of the Grey College School in Bloemfontein – the Judicial Capital of the Republic of South Africa – into a reputable and distinguished higher learning institution with seven (7) Faculties: Economic and Management Sciences; Education; Health Sciences; Law; Natural and Agricultural Sciences; The Humanities; and Theology and Religion over three different campuses (South Campus, Bloemfontein Campus and Qwaqwa Campus).

With a rich history, diverse culture, and world-class learning programmes, the University of Free State is one of the country’s most recognised public universities. Notable alumni include Wayde Van Niekerk, Steve Komphela, and award-winning writer Deon Meyer, making it a go-to university for those who see themselves in sports or the arts. If you are thinking of attending, learn more about the University of Free State Online application process and what requirements you need to get accepted, so you start your possible future at the school on the right foot. We dive into all of this – and more – below.

How To Apply To The University of The Free State Online

Application to study at the UFS is free, and all that prospective students require are a mobile phone/ tablet and an active email address, as these are vital to accessing and completing the online application form. A more rapid response time is to be expected if the application is conducted online, and the platform for online applications is designed to enable a user-friendly process.

To encourage more learners to apply to the school, the university has implemented a straightforward online application process and requires no registration fee to apply. The University of Free State online application process is compatible with mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.

Step 1: Visit The UFS Website

Go to to start your application process, click on Apply and then once redirected, click on Apply again. Alternatively, you can click here to begin the online application process.

Step 2: Access The Application Portal

If you are returning to your application (you already have a student number), scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your student number. 

If this is your first time creating an application, keep scrolling and click “New Application”. You will then be required to enter your personal information, contact details and study choices.

Step 3: Upload Your Documents

Once you’ve filled in the above information, the system will prompt you to upload your documents. You can upload them in either JPEG or PDF format when applying for an undergraduate degree: These documents include:

  • ID if you are a South African citizen or Passport if you are an international student
  • A parent’s ID/passport if you are under 18
  • Final Grade 11 results with the school’s stamp
  • Grade 12 June results with the school’s stamp (as soon as it becomes available.)
  • If you have already matriculated, your National Senior Certificate (NSC) 

Step 4: Sign The Agreement and Submit Your Application

You will now receive a student number and confirmation that UFS has received your application. You can use this information to track your UFS online application and upload your final Grade 12 results when they become available.

You can also enquire more about the application process by contacting the Application Helpdesk at the school on 051 401 9666 or emailing

The University Of the Free State Application Dates 2024

If you wish to attend the University of the Free State in 2024, remember these opening and closing dates, as applications need to be submitted between these dates to be eligible for study in 2024. 

Application Dates

The Application Opening date is 1 April 2021, and the most important dates to note for the closing of various departments are: 

31 May 2021 (Medical and Sports Sciences), 31 July 2021 (various Humanities courses excluding Fine Arts), 31 August 2021 (Closing date for International undergraduate applications, and all University Access Programmes (Bridging Courses for students who do not fully qualify for undergraduate registration on the strength of their matriculation/results and require University accredited courses towards full acceptance) on the South Campus and the sub-regions. The Fine Arts and Drama and Theatre Arts (Humanities) have a closing date of 1 September 2021, and the last date to register for Physics with Engineering Sciences is 30 September 2021.

For students interested in studying towards Music Community Development (only available at the Qwaqwa Campus), it is important to note that 30 September 2021 is also the last date to apply.

University of the Free State Opening Dates for 2024

1 April 2021 Applications Open For:

Applications for undergraduate programmes available at the QwaQwa and Bloemfontein Campuses.

1 July 2021 Applications Open For:

Applications for University Access programmes offered at the South and sub-region campuses.

University of the Free State Closing Dates for 2024

31 May 2021 Applications Close For:

 ● MBChB

● Radiation Sciences

● Optometry

● Physiotherapy

● Occupational Therapy

● Dietetics

● Biokinetics

● Sport Coaching

31 July 2021 Applications Close For:

 ● Architecture

● Quantity Surveying

● Construction Management

● Social Work

31 August 2021 Applications Close For:

International undergraduate students and university access programmes on the south campus and sub-regions.

1 September 2021 Applications Close For:

● Fine Arts

30 September 2021 Applications Close For:

 ● Drama and Theatre Arts

● Geology

● Forensic Sciences

● Physics with Engineering Sciences

● Music

● Community Development (Qwaqwa Campus only)

● All non-selection programmes

The University of the Free State Eligibility Requirements

To qualify as a prospective student to the University of the Free State, it is important that several conditions are satisfied.

Upon beginning the process of applying for undergraduate studies, both South African and International prospective applicants should be in possession of the following documentation in either PDF or JPEG format:

◦ A valid means of verifying your identity – in the case of South African Citizens that would be an Identity Document (Green Book or Card); 

◦ International students should be possession of a valid passport issued by the Governments of their respective countries;

◦ The Identity Document of either your parent or legal Guardian should you be under the age of 18 years (this is in keeping with the Legislated requirements from the government of the Republic of South Africa); 

◦ Authorized or notarized (by school/ educational institution) final Grade 11 results – these should visibly carry/ display the school’s stamp or that of the notary public authorized by the schooling district for such purposes;

◦ Prior to matriculation/graduation from Grade 12 – the mid-term / June results with the school’s stamp, should they be available, are to be presented as a means to secure preliminary placement into the University registration roll;

◦ Should you have matriculated/graduated then it is imperative that the University if furnished with a copy of a National Senior Certificate (NSC);

◦ Your academic record and transfer transcript for prospective students who registered to other institutions of higher learning; 

◦ Universities South Africa (formerly Higher Education South Africa) accreditation from the examination board for South African universities. 

Note: Apply to for conditional exemption, foreign conditional exemption, or mature age conditional exemption. 

To be eligible to study at the University of the Free State, you must have achieved a level 4 (50%) for English Home Language or English First Additional Language. However, this is not the only requirement. Given the school’s robust programme selection, you will also need to meet the eligibility requirements of your chosen programme. You can find this additional information about eligibility for any subject you wish to apply to by heading to the undergraduate section and downloading your applicable faculty booklet.

In most instances, the AP maximum is 36, and the minimum is 30. However, you may also need to have taken predetermined high school subjects and achieved a specified minimum grade for that subject. 

To keep up-to-date with the university’s announcements, why not follow them on social media? This way, you will be reminded to apply on time and can reach out to the University of the Free State if you have any questions. You can follow them on Twitter @UFSweb or Facebook at @UFSUV. You can also download the FSU PDF prospectus here to get additional information on the application process, fees, and the school’s requirements.


Due to the continued prevalence and continued stresses placed on all spheres of global life, the University of the Free State has taken the decision to embrace the available technology for the 2021 academic year by introducing an online-ONLY registration process (see How To Apply) for first-year, senior and postgraduate students. 

These measures are in place to allow the UFS to adhere to the COVID-19 Lockdown Regulations and Restrictions as set out by the Government of the Republic of South Africa as it pertains to the return to, and continuation of higher learning – and the institutions concerned. 

With that, NO registration will be conducted on campuses, and No walk-in applicants will be allowed to access the campuses as admissions capacity for 2021 has been reached.

It is important to note that students shall be informed by their faculty should they be required to attend in person, and only such students shall be granted access to the campus. 

The University of the Free State, in its attempt to keep the lines of communication open with all current and prospective students, have made use of WhatsApp on which all queries can be directed and addressed:

The University of the Free State believes in inspiring excellence and transforming lives. Visit their website and transform your future.