STADIO Online Application, Courses And Requirements

STADIO is a school where those who wish to pursue work in fashion design and retail education will find an education designed to suit their specific needs. Graduates of LISOF are fully qualified to work in the fashion and retail industries and populate design studios and storefronts throughout the world. 

Kindly note, as of 2020, It has integrated with SBS, Embury, and Prestige Academy to form STADIO higher education, a broad-spectrum educational institution catering to those who seek degrees in arts, design, commerce, education, and law.


STADIO has kept the core curriculum and learning experience of LISOF and the other institutions intact. Students of fashion will study under the Faculty of Arts & Design in the STADIO School of Fashion. Distance learning courses are available, or you may choose to study in person at the Randburg or Hatfield campuses.

Online Application

To help students navigate the process of applying for admissions, STADIO has created a helpful video series. Students can expect to follow four steps:

  1. Create a user profile on STADIOs website. This will allow you to access the student portal. Simply navigate to and select the relevant option: you can apply online now or have the school contact you to provide assistance. Kindly note that there is an option to download a form, but this is not available to students in the Faculty of Art & Design.

    You will need an email address that you have regular access to.

  2. Create your application. Be sure you have copies of your relevant scores and your national ID. Verify that you have met the minimum qualifications for your programme. Clicking “Apply Here” will help you start your application. Verify that your information on the application is complete and correct as there is no way to alter it once it has been submitted.

  3. Confirmation. Monitor your email for communications from STADIO. You will receive a confirmation email from STADIO, and may receive other important notices from the institution. Be vigilant of your email to ensure you do not miss any missives from the school.

  4. Conditional Offer. Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email notification. You may accept the offer online. Once the offer has been accepted, you will be directed to your programme’s web page, where you can select the Enrol Now button to complete your enrollment into the programme. Congratulations! You are now a student of fashion, design, or commerce at one of the world’s premier fashion education institutions.


Students at STADIO can study fashion in a number of degrees and certificate programmes or complete short courses to sharpen their expertise. Available programmes include:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion

           This is a one-year, 120-credit NQF-8 programme. Enrollees in this programme will study fashion business, the culture of fashion, research methods, and design thinking for problem-solving. They will also complete a research dissertation. This hard work can earn students the opportunity to apply for jobs in retail buying, brand development, supply chain management, merchandising, or fashion design. 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion

           This degree is a 360-credit, 3-year NQF-7 programme. Those who join this degree track can choose to specialize in Fashion Media, Fashion Design, or Fashion Buying. The curriculum includes design, trend analysis, fashion theory, and entrepreneurship. 

Students will be exposed to multiple facets of the fashion industry, from mass-marketed apparel to haute couture garments. Projects will offer students the chance to apply their learning in real-world ways and will help students cultivate contacts and experience in a creative and professional environment. 

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Fashion

           An NQF-7 degree, the B.C. in Fashion, requires three years of study and at least 373 credits. This degree focuses on fashion but also on the business and logistics of fashion. Those with an appreciation of fine style but an eye for logic, business, or commerce will thrive here. The fashion industry needs people who get fashion but who also understand how to run a successful business. 

           Students will study business, marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, operations, human resource management, trend analysis, and more. 

  • Higher Certificate in Fashion

           This NQF-5 program can be completed in one year and requires 120 credits. Students will learn about garment making, garment design, and the creative process; they may also choose to study fashion writing, blogging, marketing, and digital content creation. 

  • Higher Certificate in Fashion Retail

           With a duration of one year and requiring 120 credits, this programme teaches students about fashion practice, computer literacy, consumer buying behaviour, styling, sales, and the basics of textiles and fashion. 

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion

           Applicants must hold a Bachelor degree (NQF 7) in a relevant field such as fashion, business, supply chain, marketing, or design. Successful applicants will have grades at or above a 65% average throughout their undergraduate degree. 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion

           Applicants must hold an NSC with admissions to Bachelor’s studies and no less than 45% for English. Candidates for buying programs must have achieved a minimum of 50% in mathematics or 70% in mathematical literacy. Those matriculated prior to 2008 must hold a senior certificate and a minimum of 45% for English. 

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Fashion

           B.C. Fashion applicants must have at least an SC with degree endorsement. They must hold a minimum E-symbol in mathematics HG or a D-symbol in mathematics SG. 

Those who hold an NSC with a minimum of 50% in four 20-credit classes, a minimum of 40% English Home Language or First Additional Language, and a minimum of 55% in Mathematics or 75% in mathematical literacy, or 50% in accounting. 

Students of STADIO who hold NQF-5 or NQF-6 certificates may also apply to this programme. 

  • Higher Certificate in Fashion

           Applicants must possess an NSC with at least a 40% for English and may be required to take an admissions test. 

  • Higher Certificate in Fashion Retail

           The minimum requirements for this course of studies are an NSC with 40% for English.