Rhodes University Online Application

Rhodes University was founded in 1904, and since then till date, it has a record of outstanding academic excellence. The university is a small one with 8200 students. However, they have the best undergraduates’ students in the graduation rate in South Africa, that is not all; they also have an outstanding postgraduate with a high success rate. The university staffs have the best research output academically. 

This remarkable university is located at Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province. This Citadel of Learning has opened its application for the class of 2021. Many individuals are in pursuit of an excellent environment to study can now send in their application. Have you ever wished to be a student at Rhodes University? This is a lifetime opportunity for you to choose a bright future. 

The university is one of few that carry out intensive-research in South Africa, and it is located outside of a central urban area. It has good positioning that makes it an excellent place for learning activities to take place. The environment makes it possible for the student learning experience to be unique; the student can use their knowledge and demonstrate their skills to engage in local communities through various project. 

Rhodes University provides the student with a piece of in-depth knowledge, and it creates an avenue for students to work in different fields of study. 

How to apply? (online and offline application)

  1. To apply online, all you need to do is visit https://ross.ru.ac.za/. 
  2. Register for an account on the online system at https://ross.ru.ac.za/
  3. Login in with your email address and create your password. 
  4. You will have to activate your account on the system with the email you receive, and there is an available link that has been provided for you. 
  5. You will be returned to ROSS; you will need to click the Admission/Other buttons. Note: you will need to click the right button. 
  6. You can proceed to enter the login details that you initially created. 
  7. Congratulations! You have just completed your application. Click the button that says, “I accept the terms and conditions” then, click submit. 
  8. You will be required to make a payment of R100 immediately after you submit your application. The university provides various ways for you to pay the application fee. 
  9. If you choose to make payment in the bank, you have to use your application number as a reference, and you should send a copy of the deposit slip through an email. 
  10. The university will process your application process once you complete all the listed steps above. You will be given a student number alongside your login details. 
  11. You are expected to submit certified copies of your papers, and it has to be original. The most recent research and findings should also be presented. If you are not recently enrolled in matric, Rhodes recommends submitting documentation of your current year’s activities. It can be a letter about your activity description. 
  12. Are you a transfer student? You will need to send all your transcript and academic records to the application department as soon as possible. You are also required to send in your current research as soon as possible. Note: this information for transferring students is compulsory. 

The University Faculty. 

Rhodes University has a total of six faculties that they specialize in; below is a detailed list. 

  1. Commerce: Bachelor of Business Science, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics, Postgraduate diploma in Accountancy, Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management. 
  2. Education: B.Ed. (Foundation Phase Teaching) Degree, B.Ed. (in-service) Degrees, Postgraduate certificate in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, Bachelor of Education Honors, Masters in Education Degrees, PhD (Education) Degrees. 
  3. Humanities: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Social Sciences. 
  4. Law: LLB, PhD
  5. Pharmacy: Bachelor of Pharmacy. 
  6. Science: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Information Systems), Bachelor of Science Foundation Program. 

The University Requirements. 

You can perform your application activities using the internet, but there are certain things you need to consider before you proceed with your online application. 

  • You will need an email address to complete the application exercise. If you don’t have any at the moment, you are advised to get one first before you start your application process. If you are an aspiring applicant and are from South Africa, you will need an ID number, but the foreign applicant will need their passport number. 
  • There are various available online application portals for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. 
  • It would be best if you began by registering as a user before continuing your application. 

The University Application Dates. 

The Management RU has provided information that all eligible applicants should note that online registration to any university programs will be made available in 2021. 

The application for admission is now open from March 2021. However, the application will be closed at 9:30 am on September 30th, 2021. 

The University Qualification.

For you to apply to the university, you need to be eligible for Bachelor’s degree. You must strictly meet the requirement of the faculty you are applying for; you may want to ask, what are the qualification for a Bachelor’s pass status? 

Before you consider yourself qualified for a Bachelor’s pass status, you must have complete seven subjects, of which four out of the subjects are mandatory. The four subjects are; two languages and mathematics or mathematical literacy. The other three remainings can be chosen from their school offerings. 

After confirming your admission status, you need to download the school prospectus immediately at https://applicationstatus20.co.za/rhodes-university-prospectus/

The University Registration requirement and process offline. 

As a candidate, if your choice is to apply offline, you have to submit a paper application. All you need to do is print the forms from the link provided above for the online registration, fill them according to the instruction provided, and mail them to the Admission Office at the Address listed below. 

Street Address (for courier):

International Office

Eden Grove Building

Lucas Avenue



Postal Address (for a standard post):

International Office

Rhodes University

P O Box 94



Admission point scores (APS)

Rhodes University admission has assigned a score percentage, and this was decided based on the National Score Certificate exam points. 

The institution typically evaluates the total scores obtained in seven subjects, except for life orientation; however, English and other mandated subjects are required for determining your APS score. 

Some papers are not considered; papers with points below 40%, and Mathematics Paper 3 do not count toward the overall APS. An APS of 45 qualifies for automatic acceptance. 

You may love to ask, what qualifies you? An APS of 38-44, combined with points earned in the extended studies program, qualifies you.

You are expected to pass your National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). First-time applicants can apply for admission afterwards. 

If you do not meet the university’s automatic admissions requirements, the Dean will use your NBT results to determine your admission status.

The university offers typically two NBTs: an Academic and Qualitative Literacy test, which all applicants must take, and a Mathematics Test for applicants interested in studying Commerce, Pharmacy, and Science at Rhodes University faculties.

NBT results are also applicable if a student fails to meet the entrance criteria in the final examination.