Durban University of Technology (DUT) Online Application

The Durban University of Technology, a globally recognized institution, offers a student-centric educational approach. With approximately 33,000 students, DUT ranks fifth nationally and within the top 500 globally. The university simplifies the process of selecting a study field through online career decision-making stages and offers counseling for indecisive students.

Faculties and Campuses

DUT boasts a range of faculties including Accounting & Informatics, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Built Environment, Health Sciences, Arts & Design, and Management Sciences. It has five campuses in Durban and two in the Midlands, providing a diverse array of programs and locations.

Online Application and Registration Process

  • Application Portal: Applications are exclusively online via Applicants must provide personal and academic details.
  • Required Documents: Certified copies of an identity document or passport, and Grade 12 certificate.
  • Application Fee: R250 for local students and R300 for international students.
  • Minimum Admission Requirements: Vary based on the program level (Higher Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree) and include specific grades in English and other subjects.

Important Dates

Applications for prospective programs must be submitted through the CAO system by no later than November 30 of the preceding year.


Once accepted, registration is completed online through the Central Applications Office (CAO). Necessary documents include a Matric certificate or its equivalent and an ID or Passport.

Bursaries and Scholarships

DUT offers bursaries based on financial need, academic potential, and field of study. Scholarships are available for new students based on their Matric year results, covering partial or full tuition for the first year.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for full-time registered South African students, based on need and academic merit. The funds are directly allocated to the student’s fee account.

Durban University of Technology Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This center supports students, postgraduates, and community members in developing commercial products or services. Assistance is available for business ideas and goal achievement.

Why Choose DUT?

DUT offers internationally recognized qualifications with a range of extracurricular activities including sports and clubs. Limited accommodation is available, with applications welcomed.

Central Applications Office (CAO)

The CAO simplifies the application process, providing services like self-assessment tests, career decision aids, and financial planning assistance.

Documentation and Payment

Applicants must have certified documents like ID/Passport, indemnity form, surety-ship form, and M65 DUT Deposit slip. Payment methods include online portal payment, direct deposit via Standard Bank, and EFT. Registration fees and tuition vary for South African and international students.

International Student Requirements

International applicants need proof of medical aid membership, a study visa, and a medical certificate.

Residence and Accommodation

Residence applications are based on a first-come, first-serve basis and require a deposit and a confirmation letter.

Faculties and Course Examples

DUT offers a wide range of courses under various faculties, including Accounting, Applied Science, Arts and Design, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Management Sciences.

In summary, DUT provides an extensive and accommodating online application process, catering to both local and international students with a variety of programs and facilities. The university emphasizes the importance of timely and prepared applications to ensure a smooth admission process.