Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Application

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) 

CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology), in Cape Town, is the only university of technology in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It is also the most reputable university of technology in Africa. It has a great range of courses in which many students have successfully gained the best standards that have gotten them jobs after they have graduated. The university has an excellent method of applying specialised knowledge and skills in their courses that prepare the students for their chosen course program’s career in the future. A large variety of their courses offers in-service training and internships, which prepares the students for their future work industry and opens a lot of doors for them. Read on to find out all that you need to know about CPUT, including application and registration, courses offered, fees, bursaries etc.


You will need to check on the website when the registration dates are open.

If you want to register for 2024, just keep checking the website to see when the right time is.

Follow these steps for online registration.

1. Go to

2.Click on CPUT Online Registration 2021, where it says click here.

3. Click on the full screen to expand it to read or download on the top left corner of the registration booklet.

Read the prospectus thoroughly to find out important information about acceptance statuses, registration dates, financial clearance etc.

Online Application

Applications deadlines for 2021 have already passed. (8 June August-31 September 2021). If you want to apply for 2024, keep an eye open on the website. You should also read on for the process of late applications. In the meantime, while you wait, you can make sure you have all the requirements and do some research on the course you want to study. To check for online applications, follow the following steps. Download the prospectus to study what requirements you need to get into CPUT and which course you would like to study.

Follow these steps for the online application:

1. Go to

2. Click on Study at CPUT

3.On the page, you will see the online prospectus that you can downloadClick full screen to expand it to read and download on the top right side of the application booklet. 

4. Go to the page and section where it says Online Applications. At the bottom of that page, you will see the application closing dates. (They have already passed for 2021)

5. Follow the five steps on the prospectus as seen below

  • Choose your qualification by consulting this brochure or the website.
  • 2 Gather your documents (i.e. certified copies less than three months old) 
  • 3 Download the online applications guide available on our website for information on how to apply online 
  • 4 Complete your application online by visiting
  • 5 Follow-up and get your admission status via the online application tracking system by visiting

If you apply for a postgraduate degree, go to Study at CPUT on the website and go to postgraduate applications. You can then click on the link of the prospectus provided on the site and follow similar instructions as with undergraduate.

NB: Keep in mind that all documents that are required for applications need to be certified, and the certification date may not exceed three months.

Late Applications

Late applications are available from 8-26 March 2021 for students who have delayed for various reasons with their application. However, you cannot apply late once the number of requirements for your course has been filled. It is also not advised to go to campus for face-to-face assistance as the campuses are adhering to COVID 19 regulations, but contact details will be provided to you further in this document.

If you are a first-year student and a late applicant, follow these steps:

1. On the website go to Study at CPUT 

2Click on Late Applications 

3. Read through the guidelines. 

4. Go to the First Year list of programmes with available spaces at CPUT. Underneath that, click on the link that says ‘Please click here to access the list of programmes and the various application timelines. PLEASE NOTE: The lists will be amended as registration continues and spaces are being filled up.’ This is where you will see available spaces in the courses. Make sure you keep checking daily, though, because the numbers change daily due to the volume of registrations, especially this time of the year.

If you are in the second, third and fourth year of studies as a late applicant, here are the categories of late applicants who are continuing students:

  • CPUT students who have taken a gap in their studies.
  • Phasing-out programmes.
  • Advanced Diploma (Students who have completed a National Diploma/Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent studies).
  • Undergraduate students transferred from other universities.
  • Postgraduate studies – M Tech/Master Course-based programmes
  • Postgraduate studies – Post Graduate Diploma programmes (where applicable).

Follow these steps for late applications:

1. Choose your programmes and special requirements. (Look at your downloaded prospectus for the requirements)

2.Gather your documents and upload further outstanding documents. 

Make sure you click on the links provided on the website under this step and read the instructions carefully.

3. Submit your application and supporting documentation online.

 Click on this link, and there will be guidelines that prompt you for the application steps.

List of courses (2021-2024)

CPUT has a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from, some of which are very specialised and not often found in other universities in this continent. You will find more information in the courses if you download the prospectus by visiting and on download there by the prospectus on the page. The prospectus is extremely helpful because it allows you to scan bar codes where you can see if your matric subjects match what you want to study or requirements for your chosen postgraduate studies. The prospectus also helps you calculate your APS score, where you can see whether you qualify to get into your chosen course. 

For more details about the courses offered and requirements, follow these steps to download the prospectus.

1. Go to the CPUT

2. Click on Study at CPUT.

3. Click on the 2021 course offering and applications.

4. You can either click on the full screen to open the prospectus or download it so that you can have it saved on your device.

If you page through the prospectus, it will give you information about the courses and what future career each course will get you into.

Bursaries and Financial Aid

CPUT offers many opportunities for students to receive funding, bursaries, and financial aid for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Bursary programmes offered.

NSFAS covers the following :

  • Registration
  • Tuition

Allowances for:

  • Food
  • Accommodation or transport
  • Learning material
  • Personal care

Student Requirements :

  • SASSA grant recipients.
  • Your combined household income is not more than R350 000 per year or
  • A person with a disability with a combined household income of not more than R600 000 per year or
  • A student who begun their university studies before 2018 and their household income is not more than R122 000 per year.

Apply for NSFAS at this website

For more information on how to apply for NSFAS through CPUT on the CPUT website, go to Study at CPUT, Financial Aid and Funding and click on this link.

‘Please see the NSFAS information page here.

Financial Aid and Funding 

To find out about financial and funding, follow the following steps:

1.Go on the CPUT website: 

2. Click on Study at CPUT.

3Click on Financial Aid and Funding

4. Read through the information.

5. Go to the bottom at Quick Links and click on the one that refers to the kind of bursary that you are looking for.

‘External bursaries and scholarships’ – Offers a whole page full of external bursaries for various courses where you can click on your chosen course.

‘Postgraduate funding’ – Offers all the Postgraduate funding opportunities.

CPUT also provides loans and scholarships. (A scholarship is earned if you receive exceptional results in your studies.

Fees and Payment

For fees and payment, you will need to download the fees booklet from the website of CPUT. Remember that fees may vary and change from year to year. If you are considering studying in 2024, you may still have a look at the fees booklet of 2021 so that you can get an idea of the type of fees CPUT has as an institution.

How to Download the Fees and Payment Booklet:

1. Go to

2. Go to Study at CPUT.

3. Click Fees and payment.

4. Go to the section where the fees booklet is and click on full screen to expand it to read it on the top left corner to download it.

5. Read through the booklet thoroughly to see the application and registration fees as well as methods of payment and various payment agreements.

You will be advised of your course’s full fees once you have been accepted and registered for it. 

NB: When paying for tuition, residence fees, meals, you pay via Direct Deposit or EFT using these account details:

Bank: ABSA

Name of Account: Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Branch: Public Sector Cape Town Branch Code: 632005

Account No: 405 354 8487

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Reference number: (CPUT) Student Number

Further Information

CPUT is adhering to the safety measures for COVID 19 so if there are any enquiries, avoid going to campus for face-to-face consultations. However, they have increased the capacity of online assistance and phone assistance.

To call the university, use these numbers: 086 123 2788 / 021 959 6767


CPUT is the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa. It has high standards, and students have benefited a lot from their studies and found opportunities in their future careers. It has a very wide selection of courses and study programmes to suit a diverse demand for study and career preferences. All this is done by adhering to their core values of Ubuntu, mutual respect, equity, innovation, accountability, excellence, and efficiency. We are certain that you will benefit from your education at CPUT and have a great path towards your future careers. We wish you all the best in your application and studies.